Monday, February 6, 2012

[Magic: The Gathering] Mmmmm... New Card Smell...

When I was in college I was part of a large group of gamers, The "Chess and Games Club." There were like 30-40 of us active in the group at any given time. This was in the late 1990's. White Wolf was huge and so was this little card game called Magic.

To give avid M:tG players an idea, I started playing with Fifth Edition.

After graduating I didn't play much until I moved to Colorado. My friends and I played a bit with some of the new sets. like "Champions of Kamigawa." Then I stopped playing. I promised myself that I wouldn't play anymore. I thought that I had better things to do with my money... like buying more RPGs.

I really enjoyed the game, but was giving up the "paper crack" (as some people call it). I was even successful for several years.

Then a new guy started at work. We went out to lunch a couple of times last week. On one occasion, we had wings at this really great local wing shop. During that outing I found out that he is a competitive Magic player. We talked in-depth about Magic; strategies, how it has changed over the years, cards that we thought were cool, etc.

That was Wednesday...

On Friday I bought some cards...

Magic: the Gathering is an addiction that will never die. This is both a positive and a negative. It is positive because the game is fun. It is a social activity that requires getting out of the house. This makes it a good addiction to have. It is negative in that the cards can get expensive quickly and you can find yourself spending way too much to support yourself playing the game. Regardless, I can't believe how much I missed breaking open the booster packs and having my nostrils inundated with the smell of new cards. It was exciting flipping through the cards to see what coolness random fate had given me in my boosters.

I bought two "Intro Decks." In the old days we called them "Pre-constructed Decks." Each one came with a booster pack. I can't wait to play these decks. I might even try attending the "Friday Night Magic" events at my closest FLGS. I even downloaded the trial version of the current M:tG video game on my PS3. I am even planning on buying more cards.

The addiction is back. Laugh if you will. (I might if our positions were reversed, so I don't blame you.) I honestly thought I was done with this game, but I have been reminded just how much fun the game really is. I am going to enjoy it for all it is worth.

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