Tuesday, March 6, 2012

[Savage Worlds] In which I volunteer

This is really a two part-er.

First off, I recently ran my very first game of Savage Worlds! It was so much fun. My players even seemed to like it. It was Tuesday February, 28. I ran The Wild Hunt (the Free RPG Day 2011 adventure). I used the paper miniatures and the pre-generated characters. The game ran smoothly. There were a couple of times that I made mistakes with the rules, but on the whole I did them justice. SW really is a great game to GM. Prep for the adventure was easy and running was great. Now I need to try writing up my own adventures to see just how fast the full GM prep experience is.

Now for the second thing. I volunteered to coordinate the monthly SW games at my closest FLGS. I was already doing it to an extent by asking every month "Hey, who is running this month," so I decided to do it in a slightly more official capacity, since no one else was and since we are getting enough players for two tables at the events. It shouldn't be an onerous task and it is a good opportunity to help grow the SW community in Denver.

Yay for me.

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